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Acceptance testing according to IEEE 400.2-2013 on the 36 kV cable system in a new windfarm

NEKA is in the process of testing the 36 kV cable system in a new windfarm in Norway. In total, over 200 km of cable with joints and terminations are going to be testet.

It will be performed a pressure test for one hour at 44 kV rms on each phase.This is a pass/fail test and if the cable withstands the voltage for one hour, the cable/joints/terminations pass the test.

In addition to the pressure test we are performing a VLF TanDelta (VLF TD) test which logs the relation between the effective power and the reactive power in the cable.The TD values are checked against the recommendations in IEEE 400.2-2013. The values also gives the owner a fingerprint of the cable installation for future control


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